“My child Avani has been attending Story ki Bory™ class for two years. In these two years I have seen a significant improvement in her imagination and presentation skills. From a girl who was afraid to face the audience, is now confident and keen to participate on stage! The activities conducted in this class help kids to think out-of-the-box. The friendly environment in the class helps children to translate their imagination into words without any fear. This is my child’s favourite class among all the classes she goes to.” 

– Punam, Mother of 8 year-old Avani

"Story ki Bory is the brainchild of innovation and creativity."

- Vijaya, Mother of 6 year old Sanjana

​"My favourite class! I love it!"

- 10 year old Kayal, Enthusiasts Program

"Best class in the world!"

- 9 year old Anwita, Enthusiasts Program

"Awesome effort from all the kids at the Story Fest.

Love Swati's dedication and hard work."

- Neena, Mother of 6 year old Ayushman @ the Story Fest

"Today's story session on dental awareness was very informative. The Tooth Truths chart will be very helpful indeed."

- Shweta, Mother of 6 year old Saptak

"Thanks to you and Dr Sonal for creating awareness in children about dental hygiene and also for educating us, Moms. My son has already started implementing all the good practices."

- Apitha, Mother of 7 year old Siddharth

"Thanks to the story sessions, the children are understanding the significance of our festivals."

- Gowri, Mother of 8 year old Chakradhar & 10 year old Giridhar

“My daughter was five when she first experienced and enjoyed Story Ki Bory. She really loved the concept of drawing out her own storyline and more importantly the activity of making artifacts and props based on the stories. Swati encourages and supports the creativity in children and nurtures them further.”

- Seema, Mother of 6 year-old Surabhi

​“Great efforts for the skit Swati. The children’s confidence on stage was all due to you.” 

– Bindiya, Mother of 8 year-old Shreya

“Story ki Bory is my daughter’s favourite activity class and Swati aunty, her favourite teacher. My daughter just loves this class and does not want to miss even a single one! My daughter has always been fascinated with stories and now with this class she is improving in her own storytelling skills and also reading skills. Participating in the skits is helping my child to overcome stage fear, boosting her acting skills, and also importantly the moral of these skits are developing life values. Thanks Swati, for all your efforts.”

– Priti, Mother of 7 year-old Anwita

"Thank you Swati for your encouragement and effort. I am very happy to see Raghav presenting in front of an audience. Your class has helped him open up."

- Punam, Mother of 4 year old Raghav

“The teacher training session was very informative and useful. Looking forward to more.”

- T Hema, Managing Partner, Little Millennium @ BEML Layout

"The Grand story session made us realise that in our daily routine, grandparents get sidelined. This story session helped rekindle the connection between my children and their grandparents."

-Joshis, Grand Story Program 

“Very proactive. All the seniors enjoyed the story session. It was very inspiring.”

– Manjula M, Senior Citizen 

“Thanks for the storytelling session to seniors. You did well and people liked your way of delivery too. We wish you all the best.”

- Gowri Chandran, Athashri, Senior Citizen Community


"Google 'best class in the world',

answer 'Story ki Bory'"

- 9 year old Avani, Enthusiasts Program


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"Thank you for offering to bring out the child in an old man"
-Chandran S, Athashri, Senior Citizen Community